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VideosZ Discount

40% OFF a One Month Membership, ONLY $14.95

65% OFF a One Year Membership, ONLY $10.00 per month


Regular Price is $29.95

With an amazing pornstar count currently at over 8950, pornstars can be sorted by favorites, the most viewed pornstars, top pornstars and even a whole list of all pornstars can be displayed as well. This makes it easy to select the girl that rocks your world! Filtering of content by niche is possible in the genres link.

For instance, if interested in creampie action, a list of creampie thumbnails will be displayed instantly when the creampie link is clicked. Since all the video content on Videosz does not have DRM, it is possible to download and keep any DVD on this website. Downloads are not restricted hence it is possible to download any number of DVD’s.


The quality of porn offered in Videosz is high definition (HD) and as a member, there is no possibility of running out of quality porn since at the time of this review, HD porn scenes are in thousands and are updated daily. Two of the main advantages of Videosz over other mega DVD sites is that Videosz has a humongous amount of porn content and a very easy to use navigation system in the website. The website has a con as well, the quality of the older content may be of lower quality though very watchable but not in HD.

For all these high quality porn rich in variety, they only charge $29.95 per month. With this amount only, there is granted access to over 13,430 DVDs with above 60 niches including oral, FFM, FMM, creampie, squirting, interracial and other interesting categories. Of course there is a discount to this amount. With the discount, the amount paid is only $17.95 per month instead of the $29.95! Subscription can also be done annually at a cost of $120.0 which amounts to $10.0 per month. For those doubting the quality and content of Videosz, there is also a two day trial subscription which cost only $3.95. Payments can be made using credit cards.

In conclusion, this network is outstanding in the mega DVD’s sites field. With Videosz, it is easy to locate content and variety of interest. There is also a wide range of content available which is constantly updated daily. Definitely, worth giving a try!