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Sweetheart Video Promo Code

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Normally when the word sweetheart is mentioned, people think of something that is cute and cuddly. On Sweetheart Video, the gals are cute and cuddly but they are also raging lesbians who want to sate their sexual urges. This porn site is anything but soft, so judge not by its “sweet sounding” name!

Sweetheart Video has made its mark as a quality site providing unique lesbian porn. Fans of Lesbo porn remember movies like “Lesbian Hitchhiker.” They remember the fun and naughty things the girls did to each other and to themselves.

Now, everybody can experience the delight of lesbian porn. When these sweet and beautiful gals are given the right sexual incentive, the amount of freaky stuff they can do is simply amazing. Every porn fan out there should get a chance to watch freaky gals licking, kissing, toying, and playing with other gals.


The site makes sure that they use real life lesbians. Why is this important? Well, sex scenes produced by real lesbian tend to be hotter than those done by paid performers. Real lesbians are motivated by true desire. Paid performers are motivated by dollar signs. This means that Sweetheart Video movies are very authentic looking.

You can see the joy and carnal lust in the eyes of the gals on the site. They enjoy what they are doing thus you will definitely enjoy watching them go through the paces. The bodies are soft, the faces are beautiful, and the sex is hot beyond anything else available on the internet.

You can stream or download around 400 movies that are currently available on Sweetheart Video. There are mp4 and wmv file formats not to mention the latest movies are shot in full HD 1080p resolution. When it comes to the downloads, there are no restrictions. Download to your heart’s content.

In regards to the picture gallery, you get 700+ sets packed with two hundred pictures per set. The pictures are not fuzzy or low quality. Members enjoy High Res pics that have 1600p x 1200p resolution. To top it all off, there is a zip file download available, so downloading pictures is doable.

Like all other great porn sites, Sweetheart Video is slowly but surely increasing the amount of material in its galleries. Every other four days the site updates its content. Feeling restless and anxious for more content before these updates come? No problem. Simply go to the bonus sites that come with membership to Sweetheart Video.

The lesbian sweethearts on Sweetheart Video are so sexy and entertaining. Membership to this site is a sensible investment of your time and money.