Fucked Hard 18 Discount

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Fucked Hard 18 Discount

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There is something sensual about Fucked Hard 18. The chicks who are all around 18 years old, start off the scene by going for a massage. You get to see her enjoying all the nice warm sweeping movements as she is massaged, teased and pleasured. Then, finally, when the dude can’t take any more and he has not only teased her, but made his cock rock hard she gets fucked hardcore. Which, is pretty much a happy ending to the scene I reckon.

If you enjoy younger chicks with sexy tight and hard bodies you will enjoy the bevy of beauties at Fucked Hard 18. Which, by the way, come in all shapes and sizes.

It really can be said that this site is a visual delight since the scenes are shot in HD and the camera angles are mostly POV and well done. The actually camera takes are very sexy too, not leaving any detail out.


You get 282 scenes or episodes, nearly 300 photographs with over 175 pics per set. Super high resolution photographs and HD shot film. The movies are over 38 minutes, which is quite lengthy and if you are not into the massage built up, which I would recommend as you can get right into the fantasy, then you can always fast forward to the hardcore action.

Hardcore it is too as the sex once he starts pounding her is definitely hot and has no holds barred. You can download or you can stream and watch whichever is more convenience for you.

The scenes are exclusive to the site they have managed to keep a watchful eye on that so you will not get to see these scenes anywhere else.

The Fucked Hard 18 site itself has an easy clean layout with some good search features in it so that you can get straight to what you are looking for.


A really good site if you like the younger chick and enjoy a little bit of a build up to her getting fucked hard. There is great video content with various hardcore plays including anal sex. The scenes are nice and long and you also get photo-sets for each video to check out afterwards. Value for money and content this site definitely gets a thumbs up on this review.